Music and Performing Arts Programs:

All of our music and performing arts programs are designed to be useful to individuals of all experience levels.  From novice to seasoned professional, you will benefit greatly by the powerful effect of our subliminal programs

Guitar & Bass -Master the fretboard! You can be a much better player with the right mind set. Don't allow what you might "think" to hold you back. Progress faster, learn more in less time!  Develop the style and control that you crave.

Keyboards -Gain a newfound freedom on the 88's. Play with an ease that you may have never experienced! Break free of "lazy left hand" syndrome. A new confidence and attitude will grip your playing.

Drumming -Keep a beat like never before. Break out of the same old patterns and techniques. Expand and enhance your ability to improvise.  You'll be amazed at what's been held back by your subconscious mind!

Musical Instrument -Our newest musician's program is non-instrument specific, designed so that all musicians can take advantage of our cutting edge technology!  Free your mind from the chains of self doubt that restrict your performance.

Stagefright Reducer -End those jitters and butterflies. Stop choking while performing for others. This program is helpful in any situation in which an audience is involved.  Actors, musicians, on-air talent, presenters, teachers, public speakers... you name it, all can benefit!