General Interest Programs:

Memory Enhancer Stop struggling to remember! This program will help you retain and retrieve the deluge of information that pours into your brain every day. This is our second best selling program, you will love it!

Confidence Need a boost of self-confidence? Well here it is! A strong belief in your own ability is basic to success and satisfaction.

Success You can be truly successful without working harder... IF, you work smarter! Working smarter starts with a successful mind set. Refuse to fall victim to failure!

Productivity Produce, produce, produce! The first step to achieving is doing. You must take action. Doing nothing gains nothing. Determine what needs to be done, and then just do it!

Relaxation The title says it all! We all need it. It seems that relatively few really know how, and even fewer actually do it. Get to that warm fuzzy place you need to be sometimes. 

Quit Smoking End that unhealthy addiction, forever! Think about your family, and your pocketbook, you NEED to stop. WARNING: Cigarettes will smell and taste very BAD to you after using this program!