A few thoughts about the mind...

We all know that optical illusions can trick us because of the way that we see. Science has now discovered that cognitive illusions, biases deeply embedded in our minds, can trick us because of the way that we think! Our conscious mind can easily be tricked into thinking that it "knows" things that just aren't so!

Quick, if you take off in a helicopter from Los Angeles, California and want to go to Reno, Nevada, in what direction do you head? East, right? Wrong! The answer is North-west. If you head due south from Detroit, Michigan, what is the first foreign country that you'll hit? Mexico, or maybe somewhere in South America? Sorry, the answer is Canada!

Which weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Hey, a pound's a pound but I'm never surprised when 80% of people answer "lead!" If you drop a marble and a bowling ball from a ten story building, which hits the ground first? They both hit at the same time! It seems to defy logic, but it's true that all objects fall at the same rate.

Our conscious minds are filled with these kinds of little misconceptions. This is true even though we have a great deal of direct control over our conscious thoughts. So too is the subconscious mind, mired in misconceived ideas about what we can or cannot do. Always lurking in the background, unnoticed but very influential in its effect upon our day to day lives. Often holding us back with chains of self doubt and fear.

For many of us our subconscious minds are a storehouse of negativity. Programmed by forces outside of our control, the subconscious can become a lead weight upon our potential and possibilities. It is very difficult to achieve a goal if you doubt or fear testing your ability to achieve it. Believe you can't, and most certainly you won't!