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τΏτ Attention! All programs are now produced in Compact Disc form. All orders will be shipped as CD's. If you require audio cassette, you must specify on the order form. Thank you.

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To order by email directly from this form, complete the form and then click the "send it in" button at the bottom.  All orders paid by credit card, money order, or cash are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

You can also print this document, or use a blank sheet of paper as an order form for orders placed by mail. We accept orders at the address below, or by fax at 1 (425) 984-9823. Please provide all of the information requested so that we may complete your order quickly and correctly! Thank you.


P.O.BOX 221,  VALLEY FALLS, RI 02864

Prices are as follows (postage and handling is included): $15.00 per program, or $25.00 for any two, $35.00 for any three, $40.00 for any four, $45.00 for any five, or pay only $9.00 per program for any quantity over five. Orders are payable by cash, check, money order or by Visa & MasterCard, and now accepting PayPal. PLEASE NOTE: For delivery outside United States, Canada, and Mexico please add $2.00 per program to cover extra postage cost of Global Priority Mail. (Orders from outside USA payable only by VISA, MasterCard, international bank draft, international money order, a check drawn on any bank with a US branch and payable in US dollars, or cash in US dollars only)

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Guitar & Bass
Keyboard Playing
Musical Instrument
Stagefright Reducer
Memory Enhancer


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τΏτ Attention! All programs are now produced in Compact Disc form. All orders will be shipped as CD's. If you require audio cassette, you must specify here. Thank you.

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We Also Accept PayPal Payments

If you prefer to use a secure server to process your card, and pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or CASH please use our PayPal account to make your payment. Please follow these instructions carefully if you prefer to use PayPal.

PayPal Instructions: In the BILLING INFORMATION section "credit card" menu please select PayPal. Next, click any PayPal link or the PayPal logo button below to open a new PayPal window. In the "Make an instant payment to:" box you should see our account "Liberty Information Research". Click the "Send Money Now" button. In the "Payment for:" box type: ONLINE PURCHASE. In the "Amount:" box enter the total amount of your order. Follow the instructions provided by PayPal to complete payment. You will receive a confirmation by email that your payment has been made to Liberty Information Research.

After making a PayPal payment you must return to this page, fill in the shipping address information, time, and date. Then click the "Send It In" button to get your order to us. We will match your payment to your order and ship it.

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