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The Subliminal Learning System

We have developed a proven system that will improve your performance abilities dramatically, in the fastest possible time! All that you need to do to make it work is listen to our audio cassette program, and within just a few short weeks you will experience an amazing improvement which is unmatched by any other method. You will also find that using our system will help you to get much  more out of any other study method, books, or lessons that you are currently using! Best of all, subliminal learning requires no effort on your part, other than passive listening to our audiocassette! Nothing for you to pay close attention to, nothing to memorize! The system is totally automatic!! Yes, we know that this sounds too good to be true. But we assure you, IT IS TRUE  that for most people who try it, this system really works!

Our Subliminal Learning System  has been helping thousands of people all over the world achieve their true potential! That's not some slick advertising line, it is the honest truth. We have received many testimonials from around the world! All letters are on file at our office, and are available for inspection by any authorities that are concerned with our claims! 

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Using our programs is extremely easy! The program only needs to be played at a very low volume level, so that it is just audible when your attention is directed to it. Then you're free to go about doing whatever you like, within listening range. Watch TV, listen to music, exercise, meditate, play poker, etc... You can even listen while driving your car. No effort required, absorption is automatic. All of our programs are 100% safe, producing absolutely no side effects! Complete message lists are included, so that you will be fully aware of what is being programmed into your subconscious.

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Music and Performing Arts Programs:

All of our music and performing arts programs are designed to be useful to individuals of all experience levels.  From novice to seasoned professional, you will benefit greatly by the powerful effect of our subliminal programs

 Guitar & Bass Master the fretboard! You can be a much better player with the right mind set. Don't allow what you might "think" to hold you back. Progress faster, learn more in less time!  Develop the style and control that you crave.

 Keyboards Gain a newfound freedom on the 88's. Play with an ease that you may have never experienced! Break free of "lazy left hand" syndrome. A new confidence and attitude will grip your playing.

 Drumming Keep a beat like never before. Break out of the same old patterns and techniques. Expand and enhance your ability to improvise.  You'll be amazed at what's been held back by your subconscious mind!

 Musical Instrument Our newest musician's program is non-instrument specific, designed so that all musicians can take advantage of our cutting edge technology!  Free your mind from the chains of self doubt that restrict your performance.

 Stagefright Reducer End those jitters and butterflies. Stop choking while performing for others. This program is helpful in any situation in which an audience is involved.  Actors, musicians, on-air talent, presenters, teachers, public speakers... you name it, all can benefit!

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General Interest Programs

 Memory Enhancer Stop struggling to remember! This program will help you retain and retrieve the deluge of information that pours into your brain every day. This is our second best selling program, you will love it!

 Confidence Need a boost of self-confidence? Well here it is! A strong belief in your own ability is basic to success and satisfaction.

 Success You can be truly successful without working harder... IF, you work smarter! Working smarter starts with a successful mind set. Refuse to fall victim to failure!

 Productivity Produce, produce, produce! The first step to achieving is doing. You must take action. Doing nothing gains nothing. Determine what needs to be done, and then just do it!

 Relaxation The title says it all! We all need it. It seems that relatively few really know how, and even fewer actually do it. Get to that warm fuzzy place you need to be sometimes. 

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Contact Information:

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How Does It Work?


The subliminal learning technique, also called subliminal motivation or subliminal stimulus, is a method of influencing the subconscious. It is probable that all of our senses participate in the ongoing development of our subconscious mind. However, the senses of sight and hearing are our best available avenues for connecting with our subconscious mind. We have found that the sense of hearing is the most convenient to use method of producing an effective subliminal programming tool.


Almost everyone can benefit from the advantage of reducing the pressure of negative or erroneous subconscious thinking. Anyone who has ever said, "I'm hopeless at this" or "I could never do that" most certainly could benefit from this system. Prejudging your abilities is a sure sign of negative programming. Like the thousands of people who are using our system, you will find that it can make a positive difference in your life.


The key to subliminal learning is a "time compressed" message list. In order for subliminal reprogramming to be effective, thousands and thousands of positive reinforcement and affirmation messages must be delivered directly to the subconscious. We time compress several key messages for each subject using the latest digital technology. All of the unused space (silence) between every word is removed. A computer-controlled technique is then used to speed up the messages several times' normal speed. The computer is able to retain the original tone and clarity of the original voices.

These messages are repeated over and over at various rates, thousands of times per hour. The messages are received and understood only by the subconscious, which learns and uses them to help focus and guide your conscious thought and actions!

We use male and female voices, with the female voice directed mostly to the left channel, in order to reach the right hemisphere of the brain and the male voice directed mostly to the right channel to reach the left hemisphere. The program is highly effective under any listening conditions when used as directed. This technique is simply an extra tool that may help to enhance a subject's success in case of a resistance to reprogramming.

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Other subliminal programs on the market place their messages low in the mix, just at the "threshold of hearing" about 60 decibels or more down in the mixed volume. They mask them with the sound of ocean waves or some boring "new age" music that you must listen to over and over again. No matter how close you listen you will probably not hear a trace of their processed messages! Our method uses a special randomizing sound track (it sounds like bubbling water) that the subliminal messages are blended in with. The messages are mixed at a level only about 30 decibels down in volume! If you listen very closely, you can detect the sound of our specially processed messages. The sound is like that of a garbled din of voices. This method provides you with a certain exposure of subliminal messages right up "in your face" for a truly powerful and overwhelming effect!

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You owe it to yourself to give our programs a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose and very, very much to gain. There is a "FAST TRACK" to better performance, and we're on it! Join us! You will not regret doing business with our company. We absolutely assure your complete satisfaction, FOR LIFE!!

If you are not pleased with our product then we do not deserve your money, and you will have every penny of it back, at your request, upon return of the product. We go a step farther than any other company in this business by offering you this total satisfaction guarantee, for life! No time limit!! Try the program for as long as you like, if you find that it's not for you, return it to us for a complete refund!

Remember, we have been in this business, serving people just like you by mail-order for over ten years with no incidence of complaint from the US. Postal Inspector, Better Business Bureau, or the R.I. Attorney General's office.

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A few thoughts about the mind...

We all know that optical illusions can trick us because of the way that we see. Science has now discovered that cognitive illusions, biases deeply embedded in our minds, can trick us because of the way that we think! Our conscious mind can easily be tricked into thinking that it "knows" things that just aren't so!

Quick, if you take off in a helicopter from Los Angeles, California and want to go to Reno, Nevada, in what direction do you head? East, right? Wrong! The answer is North-west. If you head due south from Detroit, Michigan, what is the first foreign country that you'll hit? Mexico, or maybe somewhere in South America? Sorry, the answer is Canada!

Which weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of lead? Hey, a pound's a pound but I'm never surprised when 80% of people answer "lead!" If you drop a marble and a bowling ball from a ten story building, which hits the ground first? They both hit at the same time! It seems to defy logic, but it's true that all objects fall at the same rate.

Our conscious minds are filled with these kinds of little misconceptions. This is true even though we have a great deal of direct control over our conscious thoughts. So too is the subconscious mind, mired in misconceived ideas about what we can or cannot do. Always lurking in the background, unnoticed but very influential in its effect upon our day to day lives. Often holding us back with chains of self doubt and fear.

For many of us our subconscious minds are a storehouse of negativity. Programmed by forces outside of our control, the subconscious can become a lead weight upon our potential and possibilities. It is very difficult to achieve a goal if you doubt or fear testing your ability to achieve it. Believe you can't, and most certainly you won't!

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100% lifetime satisfaction.  As has been our company policy for over fourteen years, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be fully refunded, for life!  No hassles, no questions asked.  We can only make this guarantee because of our certainty that you will be extremely satisfied with any and all of our programs.  An overwhelming majority of our clients would never part with their programs, even for ten times their money back!  We are the only company producing subliminal programs in the world to offer such an impressive assurance of satisfaction for their products.

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