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From : "Andrew Gray" <>

To : <libertyinfo>

Subject : Thanks!

Date : Thu, 6 Jan 2005 17:34:07 -0800

Hi! Thanks for confirming my order. I will wait with much anticipation for my "Stagefright Reducer".

See, I can already attest to your programs' quality. I have bought from you before. In 1990, when I was 16 years old, I was severely depressed. I had been playing guitar for a couple years, and wasn't making much progress other than learning a couple songs (the obligatory "Stairway to Heaven") and a lick or two. I knew one scale, that is, the minor pentatonic scale. ANYWAY, that summer I purchased a guitar magazine, as per my usual. In it were the classifieds........sometimes you could catch something cool in there, so I looked. There was your ad! It said subliminals really work, or something to that effect. I decided to purchase a cassette and give it a go. For guitar and bass? Let's try it!

I received the cassette in the mail. POWERFUL STUFF. I started writing my own music. I began learning practical music theory. The next year, it was my senior year. I was making great strides in my playing. I even gave a concert with the men's choir at Christmas! Later, I went to college and started learning about JAZZ. My life was changed forever.

Nowadays, I play for my own enjoyment, but still perform once in awhile. I have come a LONG ways since that day I bought that guitar magazine. AND the cassette? Well, it just about gave up the ghost a couple years ago (those capstans were going like CRAZY!)....but I rescued it, putting it on a CD. I didn't know if I would ever see you guys advertised again, so I figured it was OK for right then. I play the CD WHILE I am playing, before and after as well. It is not disturbing. It is very relaxing (a girlfriend once teased me about my "bubble tape"! HA!) and blends well with what you are doing. You barely notice it. AND the results? Well, to be quite honest, they are limitless!

I will soon get the "legit" version of the "Guitar/Bass" CD, but for now, I get the jitters so bad, I rarely perform. SO knowing what the other program can do, I can't wait! The "Stagefright Reducer" program will work wonders, I am sure.

Keep up the good work! Glad you guys came along to make things easier for the common musician.

Thanks again so much!

>>Andrew Gray<<

**You may use any or all of this as you so choose. I am a loyal satisfied customer.**


FROM: Maria V. 

WoW................I can't even start to tell you how amazing this is. I have to admit that I had a very small seed of doubt about this product..........Not fully, cause I really wanted this to work so the seed was very small. I use the Guitar\Bass every single day. I listen to it at work and let it play all day, then I listen to it at home when I'm watching TV or practicing, I also let it play all night while I sleep. 

My Bass Instructor's name is Patrick Pfeiffer and he is a master bassist, he just released the book "Bass Guitar for Dummies" and also "Pfeiffer's Groove Manual" all available at 

He has been giving me private instruction for 2 years and he can't explain what has been going on. 

He said " man.....In two years, we've covered some complex stuff but with tons of difficulty........all of a sudden after listening to your programs.........there isn't a thing he can play that I can't pick up on the spot..thank you sooooo much. 

(Please note: Mr. Pfeiffer has not endorsed our product.  This is an actual email from one of his students.)



From : Gabriel Castro <>

To : <libertyinfo>

Subject : Info

Date : Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:38:08


Several years ago I bought, I think between 1991-92, four of your music programs, (then, the musical instrument program didn't exist). Let me tell you that I used them as you recommend and they really worked, incredibly well.

Anyhow, what I want to know if there is any possibility to get from you the words that came with the cassettes, those little sheets with the sentences for each program, to understand them, because I'm an Spanish speaker. I lost them but I kept my cassettes and I want to use them again.

Thanks a lot for you attention.

Gabriel Castro

Mexico City.




From: David Langley

Arlington, VA


Hope you're well.

I'm happy to see that LIR (Liberty Information Research) is still around, as I bought one of the keyboard tapes back in 1991 and was very happy with it.

Looking forward to receiving this disc!






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